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"How Was Edmonton?... Mate if you guys have only just tuned in now and you haven't watched the departure out of Edmonton, it was questionably one of, if not the best departure, a hmm... departures I think we've had in a bit" -

Chewwy94 (aka) Matt Smith - Twitch Stream CYEG To CYVR on Nov 28, 2019 Tweet

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The weather in Calgary was horrendous. The winds were bad minimum IFR was the order of the day. 2 missed approaches and then the winds switched direction, "Sha Nooks" he said The controller David stayed with me and guided me down... Bloody Awesome ATC Thanks Again

Nigel P - Speedbird 563

Next Event

The Vancouver and Edmonton FIRs are co-hosting "Cross The Rockies" on Saturday January 18, 2020.

Pilots are invited to fly either direction between Vancouver and Calgary during the event. Those wishing to fly the return leg are encourages to start a little early.

Join Us For Marks C1 OTS

Marks going to need traffic, controllers and pilots are all invited to attend. Lets make Mark earn his C1 Rating

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