Edmonton FIR Update

In Information by Owen Kane

Fellow Edmonton FIR members, I sure hope you are all having a beautiful summer and are enjoying this time of the year with your family and friends. A lot has flowed under the bridge since the middle of May, and it’s time to bring you up to date on FIR activities.

Please join me in welcoming Gustavo back. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Gustavo is not returning as FIR Chief. He has agreed to continue as a senior advisor, Facility Engineer and as Instructor. During this past weekend, I had the opportunity for a high-level session on “Sector File Maintenance”, an eye-opener, which made me realise the amount of work required to keep Euroscope honed for our ATC sessions.

We continue to move the FIR forward:

Facebook – We now have a Facebook Page at (https://www.facebook.com/CZEGEdmonton/). It provides another vehicle to help keep you our controllers and pilots informed on FIR activity and information and a daily giggle or two. Be sure to drop by, follow our page, give us a like or two.

Website – Let me introduce our webmaster Michael Shamash. Michael hosts and maintains our site at CZEG.ca. The template currently employed on the website is, was meant to be a tempory solution, it’s a little limited in its ability to handle our needs. We purchased a new template capable of meeting the FIR website needs. Michael is sure going to be busy in the coming weeks, so watch out for announcements on this exciting development.

Euroscope Sector Files – In the coming days Gustavo plans to release an update to our sector files. Look for an announcement in this forum and on the website detailing the changes made. I encourage each of you to download the new sector files when they become available. Bugs – while we did check, bugs may exist, so be sure to let us know

Documentation – We’re working on it:

A new Phraseology cheatsheet is available for download, to help our Clearance, Ground and Tower students along. It should serve as a reference for us long in the tooth controllers can reference. By no means is the document perfect, please take a look, and where you see changes or corrections needed, let me know.

Mandatory Routes Spreadsheet for the FIR is now available. Check out the phraseology document for details.

In the coming weeks look for an updated Clearance & Delivery document followed by, Tower and then Procedural, yes we still have pockets where radar coverage is unavailable.

Events – You bet we are working on the details for one or two recurring events for the FIR. Ideas such as Stampede Saturdays and The Oil Patch Flyin, so watch for this space, we’ll ask for your comments, suggestions and of course your buy-in.

Finally, no FIR can stand by itself it needs active controllers to not only handle events but also to attract pilots to fly our airspace. It’s the hot and crazy days of summer, and we are all busy. I ask, as you have the opportunity and time, grab the latest Sector Files and login to one of the controller positions you’ve gained certification for, the more activity, the more we’re noticed.

That’s it for now, talk next month.

Owen Kane
CZEG – Acting FIR Chief