CYEG - Christmas Flyin

Sponsored By FSimStudios

Dec 14, 2019 18:00 to 21:00 Zulu

CYEG - Scenery Discount Coupons and Scenery Package to be Awarded to a Lucky Pilot

CYEG has new scenery by FSimStudios - We're celebrating
Your invited to share in the fun

Join us on Dec 14, 2019, and help us celebrate the release of new scenery for the Edmonton CYEG Airport. Stunning in detail including the iconic control tower and office building. Pilots flying into our out of CYEG during the event are eligible to receive a 20% discount coupon for the purpose of purchasing the CYEG Software. One lucky pilot will be entered to win a CYEG scenery package with the compliments of FSimStudios our sponsor for this event.

Scenery details and stunning pictures are available at

CYEG and New Scenery Details

Event Prize and Discount Coupon Details.

Your 20% Discount Coupon

In support of our event, FsimStudios is graciously providing the Edmonton Virtual FIR with a 20% coupon offer which Pilots can apply towards the purchase of an FSimStudios recently released CYEG Scenery package for P3D Version 4.4 and the upcoming release of MFC-2020.

Please note this coupon is valid until EOD December 16, 2019 and is only valid for purchases at


Win A CYEG Scenery Package

All pilots arriving at or departing from CYEG on the day of the Flyin will be eligible to win 1 of 1 avaialble FSimStudios CYEG Scenery Packages. Winners are selected from amongst those who contacted CYEG_CLR (Clearance and Delivery) at 124.100 to receive a link to enter your details to claim their discount coupon code. Only pilots flying in or out of CYEG are eligible to enter the draw. FSimsStudios and CZEG controllers and their respective staff are ineligible to enter the draw.

The names and email address of the pilot(s) drawn will be forwarded to FSimStudio who will contact the pilot with details on how to claim their prize. CYEG will post the names of the winner(s) on its Facebook Page and Website within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event.

*Only 1 CYEG Edmonton Airport Scenery Package will be awarded.

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