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CZEG Controller Roster

These guys know their stuff, very helpful from all the way up in Canada, guess what they say is true "Eh". Thanks for the smooth ATC and the help with position reports.

Russ E Long Tango 2345

CZEG Controller Roster






CZEG Local Policy and Restrictions – Controllers in training may control up to tower upon completion of individual facility examinations and as authorized by the Chief Instructor or FIR Chief at the following Minor Airports;  CYXY, CYZF, CYMM, CZVL, CYBW and CYOD. This local policy is in accordance with Vatsim Global Rating Policy – Section 1 subsection 1.2 (A) Tower Trainee (S1) the S1 Tower Trainee rating does not cover any particular competencies. A member can use this rating to control no higher than Tower (TWR) subject to local restrictions.

All Minor Facility Controllers are S1 rated as indicated by Status TRAIN until Passing all the S1 Minor Airport requirements and Passing an S2 Exam and OTS at which time they are certified as S2  as indicated by Status CERT in Roster

Controller Status Notations

Controller is active and has activity in the FIR over the previous two months.

Controller is inactive and has no activity in the FIR over the previous two months.

Inactive controllers are required to contact the FIR Chief or Assistant FIR Chief and apply for reinstatement prior to beginning any ATC sessions.

Inactive controllers are purged from the roster to the academy after six months of inactivity.

Controller is a visiting member and is maintaing activity in the FIR over the past two months

Controller is New and is awaiting orientation and assignment to a instructor. 

Or the training staff is waiting on the new controller to work agree to a workable schedule

Controller is New and has not responded to repeat emails to contact one of the traing staff to begin orientation. 

NoResp controllers are purged from the roster to the academy after six months of inactivity.

Controller is requested a leave of absence as per the SOP. 

At the end of the LOA if the controller has not responded or does not return the controller is markedd inactive

Visiting Controllers – The Edmonton FIR is not accepting applications from visiting controllers due to a crowded instructor and mentor program. You are free to contact our Chief Instructor for more information. Please note we do not maintain a waiting list for Visiting Controllers.

Become an ATC – Any VATSIM member may receive the training required to to be an Edmonton Virtual Air Traffic Controller – vATC

  1. Belong to the North American Region VATNA and in particular the VATCAN Division of VATNA.
  2. vATC’s applicants should have sufficient proficiency of the English language to
    • read Edmonton vATC documentations as provided in English.
    • be capable of coordinating with other local vATC’s and pilots in English.
    • take practical and oral tests and or examinations (OTS) in English.