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Just a fast shout out to Tyler Birch, who dealt with traffic professionally, and friendly, even though all the mic/connection issues he had with other aircraft.Well done my man, VATSIM needs more controllers like you!Thanks again for the awesome service in YYC, see you next time I come back!

Aleck C

Welcome To CZEG

At CZEG Edmonton Virtual, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide professional, courteous and realistic Virtual Air Traffic Control (ATC) services to pilots flying on the Vatsim network.

We use real-world Canadian operating procedures as regulated by Transport Canada and Nav Canada. We do recognize the limitations of the virtual network, the skill sets of virtual pilots and those of our controllers. We try to manage and mitigate the inherent issues between the virtual and real worlds leveraging the tools and resources at our disposal for our controllers to do their job while maintaining a professional, enjoyable learning experience for those pilots who grace us with their presence online.

Your journey starts now; we hope you appreciate our collective effort to promote a safe, friendly environment for all. Our website is full of documentation to help you on your journey. On behalf of the management staff, instructors and mentors welcome.

CZEG Mission Statement

  • Provide safe and efficient air traffic services to simulated air traffic on the VATSIM network.

  • Provide as realistic a simulated ATC environment as possible.
  • Accommodate special requests when able.
  • Provide a supportive and highly-educational environment for the training of simulated air traffic controllers.
  • Train controllers to use real-world procedures and phraseology.
  • Train controllers to perform simulated ATC services on as close a level to real-world ATC as possible.
  • Maintain a concise roster of respectful, highly-motivated, well-trained, and experienced controllers.
  • Maintain a positive, safe, welcoming environment for all facility members

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