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A Joint Event In Cooperation With Vancouver CZVR and Montreal CYUL

Vancouver-Montreal Cross Country / Vol estival  Vancouver-Montreal

Event Description

Montreal FIR and Vancouver FIR now proudly present the "Vancouver-Montreal Cross Country / Vol estival  Vancouver-Montreal" on Sep 26th, 2020. Want to fly across the metropolises, lakes, foothills, prairies, and the Canadian Rockies in one flight? Here’s your chance! The Vancouver - Montreal Cross Country will have friendly Canadian controllers along with beautiful Canadian scenery for you. The departing airport will be Vancouver International Airport (YVR/CYVR) and the landing airport will be Montréal Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport (YUL/CYUL). The estimated arrival time for Montreal will be 2230 - 0030 Zulu (1830 - 2030 Local time). Vancouver Centre and Montreal Centre will be fully staffed and waiting for you!

The Edmonton FIR will support the "Vancouver-Montreal Cross Country / Vol estival  Vancouver-Montreal" event with ATC services from the British Columbia border, the Magnificent Canadian Rockies, across the foothills to the wide-open Canadian prairies on the Saskatchewan border starting at 18:00z to 21:00z. Edmonton FIR will also staff the Edmonton airport from the ground up for pilots wishing to participate with flights between Edmonton and Vancouver. We hope to see you there!


Event Flight Plan & Pilot Information

Vancouver to Montreal Flight Details and Information


Chart available at for CYUL AND CYVR (free but you need to set up an account).

Montreal Charts are also available here:

CYUL English and French Pilot Briefings can be found here:

Vancouver Edmonton Flight Details

Edmonton (CYEG) Charts (Free account needed):

Vancouver to Edmonton Routing: JANEK VIDRI Q949 ESKIE - ARRIVAL ESKIE

Edmonton to Vancouver Routing: ANDIE Q860 MERYT J508 BOOTH - ARRIVAL CANUC


Event Details

Date: September 26, 2020
Start Time: 18:00 UTC
End Time: 00:30 UTC
Estimated Gate To Gate: 7 Hours
Departing: CYVR, CYEG
Arriving: CYVR, CYUL, CYEG

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