Welcome Pilots

General Pilot Guidlines

We highly suggest you keep the following in mind when flying not only within CZEG airspace but anywhere on the Vatsim network. 

  1. Only accept ATC instructions you can perform – If you are assigned a SID, STAR, or any other complex manoeuvre that you don’t understand or can’t perform, please speak up. It is better we provide you with radar vectors than having you flying a procedure incorrectly.
  2. Please do not leave or pause your flight without previous permission from controllers as it may conflict with other traffic . Doing so may result in a supervisor called regarding A9 to check up on you and disconnect you if necessary.
  3. Know your aircraft before you fly – Make sure you know how to operate your aircraft before you attempt to fly it in complex airspaces such as Calgary and Edmonton. Additionally, when ATC gave an instruction, please execute it as quickly as possible. Any delay in executing an instruction, especially when on approach can cause you a large delay for resequencing or potentially cause a crash. 
  4. If you are unsure, ASK! – If you are unsure of what to do, or unclear about an instruction, something on a chart, anything really, please ask! CZEG controllers are here to assist and help you learn about our airspace, do so helps us all. 
  5.  Give us your feedback! – If a controller does well, we want to know about it! Please fill out our feedback form LOCATED HERE to give them the credit they deserve.

Major Airports and Special Centres - Coming Soon